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Summer Orientation July 9



Summer Session: July 9 - Sept. 17, 2016
Fall Session: Oct. 1 - Dec. 10, 2016

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6 Ways to Get (and Stay) Motivated

Motivation is a psychological game. You’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” and that’s exactly how you need to think about motivation. It’s that crucial piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals. For some, motivation comes easy. For others, it doesn’t. Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is unique in that our community of members helps keep each other motivated and accountable.

Instructor SpotlightMeet Our Team

Level 1 Instructor

I started Farrell's June 22, 2015. The completion date for my 10 week challenge was 2 weeks shy of the wedding to my wonderful husband, Andy. I vividly remember the day I signed up.... I had my first wedding dress fitting and it wasn't good.... I talked to my sister in law and she recommended I try the program. I called Farrell's and Ryan answered. I asked a few questions about the 10 week challenge and decided to drive over that afternoon and sign up. I couldn't wait to get started. In two short years I had fallen in love, become engaged and in the process put on 30+ pounds. Turns out I love to cook AND eat :) Day 1 was a blast!! I was hooked on the program from the moment I rolled the bag on the mat. Bands was awesome too. 10 weeks passed and before I knew it, I was 15 pounds lighter and my wedding dress fit!!!! One year later, the 30 pounds I packed on is gone and I'm still counting!!! I couldn't imagine not having the support of my Farrell's family. I love the workouts, I love the people so I signed up as a FIT member as soon as my 10 week challenge was finished. FIT has been the perfect "fit" for my life. I knew eventually becoming an instructor for Farrell's was something I would want to accomplish. I had previously instructed cardio kickboxing and a variety of instructor lead group exercise classes years before. I am a true people person and I love to talk to, joke with and motivate the class. Being a part of the Farrell's family has brought so much joy to my life. From the pounds and inches lost to the friendships and confidence gained, I am truly blessed to be a part of something great!!
I'm a registered nurse and work in the operating room at Allen Hospital. My two loves at home are my husband, Andy, and our cat, Leon. Other than that, I love music, making playlists, shopping at Target and anything having to do with cupcakes 💗s

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Life at Level 10®Follow Our Blog

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Blog

Farrell’s FIT: Life After Your 10-Week Challenge!

If you’re a current 10-week member, you’re probably hearing a lot about “FIT”. Maybe you’ve heard members talking about a recent “FIT Challenge” or hear about “FIT” extras. You’re probably hearing your instructors challenging the FIT members in different ways during class. Your ten weeks is not the end. It’s the beginning.

6 Reasons Why Farrell’s Nutrition Works!

Diets don’t work. Why? Because most diets focus on restricting something, like calories, carbs or fat. Not only is this unhealthy, but also unrealistic. Our bodies are machines that need to be fueled correctly to function properly. Starving your body of vital nutrients is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. In addition, research shows that only 1% of people who diet alone actually lose their excess weight, and more often, gain it all back and sometimes more. Good nutrition is an important pillar of our program. Since our very first 10-week challenge in 2001, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping has had the same formula when it comes to nutrition – keeping it simple! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change in food consumption.



10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • $1,000 Contest


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